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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 26, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>: is that the co-pilot and to deliver it extension refuse to open the cabin door to the chief pilot and use the button which controls the altitude. >>mark: developments come in this morning the crash of the commercial aircraft was no accident they said the co-pilot we see in this fall in front of the golden gate bridge currently when he visited here that the co-pilot and testily crass that flight killing all 150 people on board his name on the slow but the german national. he locked the pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed plane we're learning that the captain was heard banging on the door of the cockpit and never score were
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likely efforts the cockpit he was banging at first and then he tried to break down the cockpit door in the final minutes while the plane was descending toward the ground this is going on was nothing but silence was heard from the co-pilot in the convent and in the final minutes the passengers could be heard screaming on the tech. >>darya: sec a look at the scene of the crash is just the planes destroyed a hundred 50 souls lost you can say at the rubble here and how they're trying to get to the bodies and that search crews have recovered the first of the remains from the passengers and a continuing to get more developments on the story as we have followed throughout the morning learning more and more this is something we will be a betting brought the morning. >>george: would
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abc seven you can see these are the east of our minds and there's just this one lane of traffic eking by here at the chart to huppah and get this final trout cleared out of the way again this is the come new direction the side of the freeway and that is where we see this big backed up westbound backed up all the way to the 2 05 interchange tracking you're ride to the bridge this morning the bay bridge was bound report to see traffic backed
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>>george: ahead across from her to san mateo. >>darya: more bricky news ran following are frustrated vallejo police department now calling the kidnapped and ransom story of vallejo, a complete hoax we are learned more about tonight grow denise the there is the video we have of her taken when she turned up safe but she's taxi disappeared again no one has heard from her but we also know that she showed up to her father's home in southern california that is how police know that she is ok we have been covering the story since it broke the other day when will was covering it and let them and thought that it was a kidnapping and ransom situation and the police did they have changed the whole tone.
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>>will tran: one of the ransom was for $8,500 that stood out to them to the boyfriend called the police department and said she was kidnapped in the middle of the night from the vallejo apartment and he did not call the police detectives until several hours later at the knees do not know where she is in the reason why is she agreed to come back to bay area she told the fbi guest she was hot on the private jet it will come back here but she was a no show and that is why this morning they are searching for her to do not know where her boyfriend is at well. >>will tran: the police department is frustrated is because they believe those to send them on a wild goose chase this at all four detectives as a spa of loyal to inkatha and the fbi and finally you the she turned up safe to look at all
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the circumstances held a late- night news conference and they said is simply does not add up. >>: the statement that mr. quinn provided with such an incredible story we have a hard time believing it and upon further investigation we were not able to substantiate any of the things he was saying we will be requesting criminal charges the state of federal level. >>will tran: vallejo police department demanded an apology from hoskins as well as the boyfriend the family is not speaking the investigation is still ongoing i can tell you that that also seeking if it turns out to be true that one adult to to pay back to the helpless department of all the money they spent an no surprise here the vallejo police department tell us she's lawyer and up. >>james: is alive the outside 7
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05 clear shot from the bay bridge approach camera was said to some foreign san francisco one minute past that looking pretty good of all but it is cool and spots in general receive widespread in the first section of the first the morning hours kron 4 up low 50s generally around the bay a couple spots in the mid-40s by noon turn will see clear skies throughout the bay area's 72 to 75 degrees at that point a nice warm lunch hour by 3:00 to four + afternoon 80 to 86 degrees that is potential rapid breeding territory in terms of the daytime high temperatures will look for that to happen i have my own san jose is one of the the shot is of pressing outside the kitchen of the lead and extended 15 minutes we have 55 is san francisco 51 in oakland
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54 in san jose if you can't along i have been extended outlook coming up in 15 minutes will talk more which i expect this week indicated whether any time with the kron 4 mobile application free from apple and android devices is a new dedicated web application would give you all the best information whenever the weather is a little uneasy around the bay perry >>mark: happen now the community remember and fall off sir michael johnson filled and line and the suicidal man onto their memorial in san jose is growing this morning mike is live with more. >>reporter: we could get the details and final when the funeral will take place officer johnson and the trees of the association and his family worked for doubt the best way to remember him the community already doing that with a very heartfelt memorial and take a look candles' cards and flowers
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of officer michael johnson shot and killed tuesday night to respond to a callable possible suicidal man the phil training officer and 14 year veteran of the department clearly touched many lives. >>reporter: he said one of the officers best qualities he was fully dedicated to his job. >>: is not is going one day a week he committed himself to his job and also a lot was proud of him i told him time and time again because of what he did he died during what he loved what was his job. >>reporter: 87 new shows the same last night a large contingent of officers escorted off as a johnson body from the medical examiner's office to assure home in los gatos many people line the streets to pay their respects of to johnson's
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wife and family in the playoffs association will work out in your arrangements could get a detailed letter on this morning and the pleas of some associates to set out for support they got since the officer's death and an overwhelming and expect many law-enforcement to attend a funeral. >>mark: we have complete coverage and kron you concede video of yesterday's procession read and leave your condolences for officer johnson and read more on the comet and kron 4 >>darya: bay area cab driver charged with sexually assaulting a female passenger and yelled as air strikes and i ride why this mission is different from previous attacks
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>> reporter: welcome back to kron 4 morning news and a spell lanes have just been cleared. the damage has been done to the commute. 55 westbound into the dublin and change from highway 205. the kron 4 morning news
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>> reporter: back to the breaking news aware following this morning that investigators say that the crash of that aircraft in the french alps was no accident. they said the co- pilot who you see here that that young co-pilot is believed to
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have intentionally brought that plane down killing himself and the one under 49 other people on board. his name is under slow but he the german national. andris... he locks the pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed the plane playing. the pilot then was frantically trying to bring down the cockpit door. you hear passenger screening in the final minutes on that recorder as well screaming >> reporter: will still tracking hot spot on interstate 580. the accident is been completely cleared from the east downside of the roadway. the westbound
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traffic remained silent from the 205 interchange. what it has done is taken a lot of pressure off the dublin interchange. the southbound 680 ride is typically slow as you head down to is an old. trekking derided the bay bridge toll plaza were looking at a back up there reaches back into the macarthur made some. we expect this to continue to the morning. from highway 24 highway 92 is also very slow and backing up earlier than usual. and track the right to the golden gate bridge you'll see that the conditions are great there are no delays across the span. the marin drive is about 32 minutes. the of the richmond breads
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reaches out towards castro street. >> reporter: the big story today is that when watching warm temperatures. i was just a train replacements debra hayes class and san pedro we had a great talk about the weather yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: by almost answered all the children's questions. >> reporter: great time out there and won the start out by looking in that direction here was the golden gate bridge camera center fell bridge is gonna be a great day. this could be high gonna see temperatures in the upper 70's low 80s near san rafael. as gonna be a nice time out for recess today. clear
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skies just a slight breeze out there and that's just about all this morning is: some spots. santa rosa is 45 degrees otherwise we're looking at a wide spread of 50 degree temperatures. livermore is drop down just a touch livermore's now 49 degrees. that recover nicely by this afternoon. >> reporter: in the next 30 minutes you could see a few passing clouds away and start things off cool. noontime conditions will be sunny and the temperatures will quickly rise upper sixties to low '70's at that point then by 3:00 the 5:00 this afternoon we gonna be 7373 degrees 73 degrees and 74 downtown. look at the south bay
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and east bay is could be anywhere from 81 degrees to 85 degrees. >> reporter: 85 for san jose and cupertino pitch area 79 for oakland. anywhere you had as good a potter's gonna be. just as one tomorrow just a few degrees cooler. saturday temperatures will drop as a little bit but it will bounce right back at a busy sunday into next week would but keep in very warm and summer like are here around the bay. >> reporter: happening now air strikes are being carried out by the u.s. and saudi arabia at against islamic state militants in iraq. with u.s. forces now working with a riding in troops free tie rack from isis' control. the coalition is
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assisting the iraqi and iranian forces there on request from baghdad. they're working together to take out remaining isis' positions. and until now the u.s. had no involvement in the eye iranian-backed iraq operation at tie rick. >> reporter: witnesses said they saw a woman being forcibly removed from a cache near north wolfe and keifer rose. there's reports that she had gone unconscious after night of heavy drinking. police said that an off-duty police officers saw the cabdriver and follow the cabdriver and that's what led to the arrest. >> reporter: noisy this video out of brazil bus stuck in the sinkholes. is in the video recorded by a bystander and eventually got carried away by flood waters and you see everyone on the bus they get out
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of the bus and no one was hurt. before felon to the sinkholes >> reporter: still a head we continue to follow the latest of a woman police believe to be kidnapped for ransom which turned out to be a hoax. it will have more nestorius 730 and an army sergeant is charged with desertion. tells about his past being held captive by the caliban details after the break. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures...
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>> reporter: army sergeant gold bird dog held prisoner in afghanistan for five years is now being charged with desertion. this raises new questions about the controversial prisoner exchange that brought burgdahl home last year in exchange for five caliban commanders. >> reporter: he was captured by the caliban in 2009 but he is now being charged with desertion. it's been hell for five years before president obama swapped five tell a band detainee's for burgdahl. speaker of the house john maynard was thought was critical of this
7:26 am
from the beginning. >>: the more troubling part of this is that we transferred five prisoners from get mot for this man and now reports that one of them is already back on the battlefield. >> reporter: per dollar is publicly defining his five brutal years with the caliban. he said he was blindfolded and chained in a cage one guard tried to rip his beer in hand out hair out the city was beating constantly he said he tried to escape 12 times was still in question is why did he disappeared from his post and 2009. some say that he was a deserter and a traitor. >>: when you leave all those things behind weapon your body armor is clear with your intentions are >> reporter: several other surge
7:27 am
soldiers died while searching for burgdahl. curveballs attorney says there is no evidence that any soldier died looking for the sergeant and he is surprised by the charges. >>: this is an example of military prosecutors getting clever about how many ways they can charge him with men on misconduct.
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>> reporter: and of the breaking news story latest on the german wings plane crash this morning prosecutors said the co-pilot appeared to want to destroy the plane. he made an announcement during a news conference in the last half-hour and name the co-
7:30 am
pilot as andre as a low bits of german national. in the last just laugh and have our the ssc is done by the conclusion. there was no indication why this co- pilot brought the plane down. >> reporter: the cockpit recorder texas of the sound of someone bay on the cockpit door was no response. he began a descent manually and intentionally. >> reporter: and happening now family members of some of the german wings flight 9525 victims are heading to france to get closer to the crash site in the southern french alps. this is video showing the group leaving from bars loader earlier today the flight was headed from barcelona to dusseldorf when the
7:31 am
co-pilot brought it down. >> reporter: here is on an accident here was that accent with a bus and an accent and a bicycle because in the back wheel of that bicycle is crushed their were waiting to see what information we have on then the police are taking away the bicycle now waiting for an update on the condition of the writers. will latino what happens is and is getting castro valley >> reporter: no traffic impact because of this occurs at the off ramp of the freeway and as it is not currently blocking any lanes or obstructing traffic there. as a reminder also that the chp is always called to a school but school bus accidents. not because of the traffic impact impact a because of a policy issue.
7:32 am
was >> reporter: back to the hot spots and we been tracking the right on highway 4 westbound and 64 man it sent is over one hour right now heading out of antioch and to concord. because of this latest incident. was a motorcycle that caught fire in the center divider. and as we mentioned from time to time clearing the motorcycle could be actually more difficult than clearing a car because there aren't a little harder to left for conventional tow truck. interstate 580 here the westbound direction accident has been cleared from the eastbound lanes and a somewhat surprised that the drive time is not higher than it is currently only 35 minutes from a altamont pass to the interests interstate exchange 580. >> reporter: the back up into
7:33 am
the maze has the drive time over 25 minutes. and the trip to the san mateo bridge is that incident at the toll plaza but that's not the reason that the traffic is so slow as too many cars not enough lanes 28 to 29 minutes coming out of hayward those headed to san mateo. >> reporter: 1 a job over to the bay bridge approach camera brilliant sun over the a rise in now with the sun is up with the temperatures to start responding. we're on tap for very hot day today. morning hours looking at some still upper '40's but mostly low 50s out there right now by noontime the sun will warmus up to the 70 degree temperatures. by 3:00 to 5:00 we will be looking for
7:34 am
proper '70s to look 80 degrees. cupertino and again to get the war >> reporter: we have a direct cut latino if we exceed any of our current records with higher temperatures. 45 in vallejo the rest of the air is looking and low 50s right now. web extended outlook outlook is welcoming the >> reporter: back to more breaking news here in the bay area hit a button. investigators said the vallejo woman who they thought was about to for ransom made up the story with her boyfriend. here's what we have so far. denise huskins was reported missing by her boyfriend aaron quinn on monday and now the pair could face
7:35 am
serious federal charges. she was found yesterday near parents' home in southern california. but since then she disappeared again and her family has hired a private attorney. all of that they're not talking to the media either about what happened at all started on monday when the boyfriend called police saying denise huskins was adopted by strangers. saying that they wanted 85 $1 in ransom. >> reporter: while john was at the high yesterday before became clear that hoskins was alive and well. a recording of her voice was sent to the san francisco chronicle tuesday afternoon. the recording was attached to an e- mail with the voice claiming to be denise huskins. this sounds relatively calm as she identifies herself and then establishes the date by referencing yesterday's plane crash in the french alps. the
7:36 am
final element personal info apparently in an effort to confirm her identity. >>: and discernible audio muffled. on discernable audio >> reporter: the recording was played for husband's father mike and he immediately knew that it was hurt. and he said it gave them hope to she was still alive. >> reporter: morgan hill police are looking for an armed man who robbed a liquor store on monday night. this surveillance video from the incident. the officers responded to the report of the report robbery at paul's quick stop on main avenue around 10:20
7:37 am
p.m.. police said the man into the business and show done to two employees and demanded money from the cash register. the employees complied and the robber ran away. he is described as being in his late 20s to early 30's around 6 ft. tall with a thin and medium bell. >> reporter: would talk to gary radnich about how players keep themselves and to take on the road that's coming up. mar: he's r netrairenre aive art health. hear i mimizgoodtuff li my tassm an ytosrols whicmay lp ler choltero neensu acte het heth suortsour art d bo so y staacti andtron suretakeife .
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a game changer! your 2 0'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! >> reporter: severe storms will part of the u.s. leaving one person dead. tornados whip through arkansas and oklahoma. as one person dead and san springs oklahoma. the first one is a chicken farm including all arkansas we do have the one photo of the chicken farm reconnect actually seen this is
7:41 am
the gymnasium actually what the roads completely torn off. it's about 60 people inside this area. no was hurt or injured in this region. and this and springs location in oklahoma as where the one person and a mobile home park was dead. it. he ascended our show you one more picture you see jimmy had straight line wins in oklahoma city it completely knocked over his swing set is style swing set in that area perry would continue to show you a few more pictures in 8:00 hour. if you want moore's on this walked toward kron-4-dot-com. >> reporter: looking for a hot temperatures today impossibly high record high temperatures this afternoon. albee back with your full forecasts.
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sandwich. what's on it? what's not on it? it's like a big ol' breakfast buffet right in your hand. >> gary radnich: >> mark danon: so the warriors and get some rest >> darya folsom: and math as i'm not going as see how they like the practice. sharing concept the part of what they do. addresses monotonous ride if you just sitting there practicing right position in all day long
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so that makes the looks heart >> gary radnich: forgive me for breaking from the tradition of moat news you're wearing my favorite dress. i hate when people can't say anything without somebody saying wait a minute water they talking about water they doing. >> darya folsom: and a second actually related to what to might like or not like a woman i got a picture show you. i thought was a fun inside to talk about their concept. as one of the assistant coaches look walton talked-about billing stuff was staff curry. seth curry he will robin any will glow rub it in any will glow.
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gloat... >> darya folsom: i put up the guts fight some of the time missteps' curious just more fun but kobe bryant. >> gary radnich: isn't there fine line with all this stuff. they have that instinct where they want to win but they tried to make uncomfortable being around you perry. bell was called and said he does doesn't hang with his teammates and that was fine but your plan with them tried to
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make it better >> darya folsom: is been for months now and is there but it's been taken not show you. here she is susan internet famous commission has a lot of faller was on instagram. followers on instagram >> gary radnich: and she used to day kyrie irving irving area well what ever. pirelli is funny now that there rare and has replaced the other. as the no. 1 asset. whenever you joined us
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find the all the pictures that she puts up right paribas was a thing that's just it. >> darya folsom: so there's still together. the going back and forth. >> gary radnich: will sit this stance this test of time. we will see if it stands the test of time. >> darya folsom: case in the room was to dozen realizes we sixtine the mike is always on. >>:-she's beautiful did you hear that or all right we can open up the questions. >> gary radnich: was the look
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and act like thompson's girlfriend clay thomas and girlfriend >> darya folsom: there persius wow persius khieu some see it as carew she is cute.... all i got this is funny. a press conference last week he was making eyes at the stenographer. so he could throw off i think he was just having a little fun. >> gary radnich: as as a young man making a good honest, it wasn't anything dirty or anything like that. >> darya folsom: i don't think there's any right way to take this basically if you have soft
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stance their sissy hands perry at sissy hands are soft.. >>: vessel we grew up to around mirabel is that tough fans i don't wanna have solved and the turks is the hands. soft hands would be considered cissy hands. >> darya folsom: this is a rail adam talked about what he does on the ranch. >> gary radnich: when you strike out people in your the mvp of the world series >> darya folsom: i think it's a fun guy thing to do apparently. >> gary radnich: i grew up in
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>> reporter: the morning were a seventh of the five quick look at the weather. a temperatures respecting an afternoon at 5 and san jose will beat the old record of 84 degrees. 85 also in antioch. . looking for the low 80s across the north bay. this is gonna be a hot day of the weekend as because of the high- pressure this keeping the clouds away. the rain is well to the north. war again tomorrow cooling slightly for saturday but the temperatures will bounce right back to the '80s on sunday
7:56 am
and monday. keeping an eye since summer like into next week. if you're headed up the time hall is the snow bombs deport there are some some resorts still open but despite the lack of snow. . squaw valley has 52 and kirkwood has 50 into the base. >> reporter: we're still attracting hot spots this morning so the right on highway 4 is exceptionally slow this morning. coming out of antioch heading over to concord. there was a motorcycle that caught fire. it took awhile to extinguish and even though it's been now for a while it still managed a backup wide as the 64 minute ride westbound out concord into pit kirk one of the
7:57 am
slowest rise in memory. some vehicles were driving through debris on high street and reported to the chp because they at the polo was flat tires. in the meantime looking for the typically slow ride out of san leandro. at the bay bridge was bound the backup reaches into the macarthur may ease and the drive times of well over 20 minutes. closer to 26 from highway 24. the richmond bridge is still backed up here the toll plaza. there's problems at the west end of this man the 580 offering an overnight accident knocked out a power pole. the crews will be there when you exit the freeway. will be right back with the kron 4 morning
7:58 am
news stay with us.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>>: circumstances so that it is deliberate refusing entry to the cockpit. maneuvering believer to loss of attitude altitude. >> reporter: unimaginable developments this morning as we find out the crash in the french alps was no accident. >> reporter: intentionally crashed the german wings flight. this is the co-pilot. >> reporter: and according to a french prosecutor he lacked pilot out of the cockpit and
8:01 am
intentionally crashed the flight. pilot was banging on the door trying to desperately didn't find it was nothing was silence from inside the cult and the cockpit. you could hear the passenger screening on the recording. >> reporter: this see the crash site you're all the debris here. the largest piece is about the size of a small car. and search crews are now starting to recover carver the victims. the first of humorists maine said that six says thrown over them area. >> reporter: jackie sissel is arriving at the scene of a bus crashed into a bike bicyclist in castro valley. the bicycle appears to be crushed.
8:02 am
>> reporter: i can tell you the scene has cleared around san leandro cast of valley right of cherry color when accident took place. here's some video of our partnership with abc 7 helicopter. this happened about an hour ago. according to chp a school bus with that was maybe one student on board were not sure there was struck a bicyclist. the bicyclist was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries which is good news perry at the this see the chp officer carries the bike away and the good news on the buses no one was hurt. the bicycle is did received minor injuries as i said before. there are no traffic issues out there and then the drive. we are parallel to a 580. it appears
8:03 am
sent everything is clear on the same right now. >> reporter: and i'm assuming that they save the was an adult or child riding the bus. >> reporter: they did say was an adult male the was taken to a local hospital was not life- threatening injuries perry >> reporter: another breaking news the with following is frustrated belie all police department is now calling an alleged kidnap of the ransom a complete calls oaks. this morning they are talking about what they're going to do because of that goes chased the there on searching for 29 year-old denise huskins. here she is and she turned up yesterday's safe in california she was found near father's own in southern california and we been covering this story since it first broke.
8:04 am
now the it with steins why this couple would lie about this kidnapping in ransom. >> reporter: know this morning is the vallejo police department is not planning any news conferences in they could change that however and give their version of what happened because they get two days to review this. the ransom was only for $8,500. to her boyfriend told detectives that she was allegedly kidnapped in the middle of the night. but he then tell detectives for several hours later. of course they had to take the case very seriously even after she turned up ok in huntington beach. this all started monday in the middle of the night. the detectives came out to search the area of use about 40 man to search the area.
8:05 am
and then she showed up yesterday morning called her father saying that she was ok and father said that she was not crying. they had their suspicions one of the flyer back to the bay area she agreed to be a flop supply and fbi are range of private jet but she was a no show. a lot of things just simply do not add up. >>: the information that mr. quinn provided it was such an odd incredible story we initially had a hard time believing it. and then upon investigation we have not been able to substantiate anything that he told us. >> reporter: and dari as he moved up from orange county to vallejo back in june. not only do they want an apology they
8:06 am
want money from her if this turns out to be an all hoax because they want the money refunded for all the money that they spent on investigators to look for. she could also be in criminal trouble. what they're gonna hand the information over to prosecutors and prosecutors will decide if she to be charged with any kind of crime. >> reporter: and maybe that's why the parents' lawyer dock because all they can do is get their daughter in further trouble sold a think that that's why they're calling a lawyer. >>: the five other actually came up the vallejo actually wanting to help with the search. her father showed up they were talking to the media yesterday talking about how happy with that they she was found and now they're not talking and all.
8:07 am
>> reporter: maybe will piece together more what happened >> reporter: funeral preparations are underway for officer michael johnson was shot and killed in the line of duty. we have video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven. his body was taken from the coroner's office in san jose to is lost battles mortuary yesterday afternoon in the the 14 year veteran of the force and the 12 officer killed in a line of duty in the department's 166 year history. officer johnson was shot by a suicidal man scott dunham's at an apartment complex on center road tuesday night. >> reporter: the mayor sam liccardo call the shooting the city's darkest day. >>: there's no question that across the country officers are
8:08 am
under the under attack. and we need to do more to keep officer safe while they're keeping us say these are words from mayor sam liccardo. >> reporter: before the shooting on mr. dunham scott dunham was pointing the gun at his wife. she got away and called her daughter to call the police. mr. dunham's niece says he was severely depressed was dying from a severe lung disease. it is unclear if mr. dahmer was killed in a shootout with police or if he killed himself. coming up at 830 will have a live report from mike pelton was at the san jose police department with the memorial is growing this morning. >> reporter: are temperatures will approach high levels today and nice warmup. during the
8:09 am
morning hours or 8:00 we have low clouds mainly out of the coast. we had some patchy fog out of valley but is dissipated. by noon time begun a warm-up to the mid-70s. as gonna be really nice outside and then 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon we will be in the '80s. in a can reach 86 degrees in some warmer locations. the kids a gun on these letters to start our. by this afternoon the jackets will come off. the problem be sweating. you can get up on more details on our kron 4 mobile application will have employment rather around the bay.
8:10 am
>> reporter: interstate 580 westbound was the biggest big accident east go and that's the that back up the ride that is now cleared but the drive time is now 54 minutes for the other side. west palm 580 has several vehicles involved in the crash. it is a 43 minute drive time on a highway for getting out of any act into concord. at apple and weigh the drive time is still 26 minutes from hercules to bert ely berkeley were backed up into the macarthur amazed from highway 24. another slow day coming out of hayward boy over towards san mateo. but a quick break will be right back
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> reporter: employe is the tokyo see life park are trying to figure out why dozens of fish suddenly died leaving just as one lonely town swimming around in what was once a flourishing tank. the tank used to be home to nearly one and six defects and it was one of the aquarium's most popular attractions. the
8:14 am
second to glassfish was left left died on tuesday. the to the tank has been open since 181989 and nothing like this ever happened before.
8:15 am
8:16 am
♪ cass psent a fi fraancereakroug ♪ e wod's rst dy wash th fgran relse prls. toucyourkin relse frrancup t12 hrs. new ressove reve for unfgettle fgran up t12 hrs. >> reporter: at the breaking of the recovering were getting more information about the co- pilot of will they say purposely down that aircraft that went into the french alps that killed him and all the other 149 people on board. his
8:17 am
name is i undressed low bids and he's a german national. andreas lubitz... lucas lacked the high lead out of the cockpit. the flight data recorder is adding to an investigation where you can hear the captain banging on the door of the cockpit try and then try to break it down to get in and obviously realizing what was happening. the appeal lot more passengers also realizing what was happening started screaming and you can hear that in the final minutes. >> reporter: were getting more information from french and german authorities. >> reporter: it will be toasty especially and land. inland...
8:18 am
temperatures will be slowly warming was once we start on the chilly side this morning before the most sought car were looking at mid '50s right now 52 in livermore 54 in concord. here's a break out of oakland as we take a look at our high temperatures is a warm-up to the '60s by 10 then known time we should have 69 and about three of four-o'clocks this afternoon talking about 79 degrees. this is an oakland. were looking for some really nice feet this afternoon. 79 will seem mild compared to other locations because bread what could be a 87. 84 in sunnyvale. brett wood to be 87 brad what could be 87
8:19 am
brentwood 87... high pressure is gonna keep the skies clear today. >> reporter: we're looking at low eighties and are warmer spots for the next five or so days. >> reporter: back again to interstate 580 where we started to ease down was jammed up now as the westbound ride is jammed up. the 54 minute drive time here. we're still backed up over 40 minutes into concord out of antioch this morning. there was a vehicle fire that jammed up that right. abbey and weighing westbound there's an accident and that area is from highway
8:20 am
for all the way down to the macarthur may ease. we're back of solid through the maze. for the san mateo bridge and highway 92 we're still backed up silently to the nimitz freeway so dry times are above 20 minutes getting into san mateo. >> reporter: a real pretty morning there from the toll plaza was bound 580 is still back up from castro. >> reporter: happening now air strikes of being carried out by the u.s. and saudi arabia was u.s. forces in working with our brawny and troops. the coalition is assisting iraq they're working together to take out remaining isis' possessions.
8:21 am
positions until now the u.s. had no involvement. >> reporter: saudi arabia has launched air strikes nab at neighboring yemen where rebels have intensified their violent campaign against the government. the saudis have pledged to use 100 warplanes and contribute 150,000 soldiers to the newly formed coalition of mostly aircraft countries. yemen a long time stronghold for one of al qaida as most dangerous branches has plunged into chaos as the rebels began seizing control of the capital. >> reporter: the soldiers' lives spent five years as a telegram captive now has been charged with desertion and his behavior before the enemy. sgt army surgeon bulbar burgdahl disappeared from his post in afghanistan in 2009 he was held
8:22 am
by the caliban for five years before president obama swapped five caliban tandy the detainee's for his release. the misbehavior before an enemy charge carries a sentence of life in prison. as well as a dishonorable discharge and a reduction in rank and forfeiture of all money is paid. >> reporter: 2 men are under arrest on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman in a taxi and sunnyvale one of the man with the driver of the taxi the other man the drivers roommate. the incident was reported on sunday night when witnesses observe the victim being forcibly removed from the cab near north wolfe and keifer road there are reports the woman went unconscious after a night of heat heavy drinking with a cabdriver police say an off-duty police officers saw the cab driving off and followed it and
8:23 am
that led to the arrest.
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> reporter: happening today students as city college are holding on march today they're trying to boycott all class cancellations and lay offs. the
8:26 am
one of openness of its cheapest civic center campus opens. the demonstrators will meet today at ccs at ocean campus at 345 before the march to the meetingto >> reporter: a crisis is been developing as the marine mammal center in sausalito. does have some 60 lions. and this is been one of the worst years on record for california sea lions and animals are showing us sit down the coast. veterinarians say they have their hands full in the center is close to capacity and an is conferences today at 9:00 a.m.. >> reporter: an investigation is continuing into the crash of the into the french alps. what more coming up. >> reporter: we're live in san
8:27 am
jose were memorial is continuing to grow for of officer michael johnson. >> reporter: take a look here at the golden gate bridge will have lots of sunshine in the warmest day that we've seen in a while. female announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save hundreds on simmons beautyrest mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts
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8:29 am
>> reporter: the german wings plane crash says that the co- pilot wanted to destroy the aircraft. >> reporter: the co-pilot a german national was responsible for bringing that plane down. says the voice cockpit recorder was mabel but they did get all
8:30 am
this information. you could hear the private banking on the arm on the door of the cockpit the co-pilot did not open the door and did not make a sound. >> reporter: turning our attention to whether we get some video with a b c seven news helicopters partnership. the sun came up the sky is clear were heading to the san mateo bridge camera the sun is up and shining everywhere around the bay area wising conditions just like this. condition the temperatures are slowly but surely warming. right now they're mainly in the '50s. about 8:00 by no time reminiscing widespread sunshine and then by five tonight will still be enjoying the high
8:31 am
temperatures will average around 3:00 purcell from anywhere from 78 to 86 degrees. we could very well set records this afternoon regarding our high temperatures. will lead to know if we'd do we set some records. >> reporter: were still on the cool side right now 53 and oakland that the seven in san jose. all be back with the complete forecasts. >> reporter: we're still putting busy here in the traffic center and that means a slow ride for your cuban to be heading now to the east shore for a freeway were looking at a 38 minute drive time from hercules to berkeley. this is just adding to the delays. and for the ride to the south bay we been tracking big delays on 101 and 280. this
8:32 am
one a one drive time is 36 minutes 36 minutes of the highway 101. the slow got going on 280 also. the bay bridge westbound you gonna see conditions here are only slightly improved with the 24 minute commute. for my 24 westbound. 20 minute drive time out of hayward had over san mateo the richmond bridge 580 is still silently but backed up i thought we might of been improving but it is still solidly backed up. >> reporter: officers and the community are remembering fallen officer michael johnson he was killed in the line of duty when
8:33 am
responding to reports of a suicidal man on tuesday. a memorial in san jose is growing this morning. my pals and his live with the details. >> reporter: a to spoke with the police officers association that said that the funeral will be a private a private funeral next week. 9:00 this morning the gunmen had set out the details. as a growing makeshift memorial candles and flowers outside the san jose police department officer michael johnson was shot and killed tuesday night he was a field training officer and a 14 year veteran of the department. everybody the talks about and said he had a bit higher at heart and it was very dedicated to his job. it
8:34 am
belonged to a judo and jujitsu. he had a black belt. officers escorted his body from the coroner's office to the mortuary. the police officers association says they received an overwhelming amount of soap support. this say if you want to make a monetary donations you can make it through their website. >> reporter: we have complete coverage that i kron-4-dot-com. we have video of the procession and gore a list of your condolences regarding officer johnson. >> reporter: another officer was shot on in san jose. sharon's deputies were responding to a
8:35 am
911 call to vehicles were participating in drug activity. one use the car as the weapons for the deputy in the deputy opened fire. the shares posed spokesperson says what happened tuesday night in san jose when a police officer is killed deputies are on high alert. >>: were more vigilant more protective of ourselves that we normally are. >> reporter: another big story that we are following this morning investigators say that the vallejo was a man who they thought had been adopted and held for ransom they the whole story up with her boyfriend. worth denise huskins was reported missing by her boyfriend aaron quinn on monday
8:36 am
and now they may face federal charges. she's not your parents' home in southern california. at this instant she has dropped off the radar. on monday quinn call the police saying that his new girlfriend had been kidnapped by strangers and they wanted a ransom of 85 $1. >> reporter: before it became clear that husband was alive bewail the was a recording of her voice said to the san francisco chronicle tuesday afternoon was attached to it e- mail clammy that she was denise huskins. she established a date by representing, they imply crash in the france french alps. >>: and discernible audio on discernible audio no discernible
8:37 am
audio >> reporter: the recording was played for her father might loose immediately said it was his daughter. gave them hope that she was alive and well. >> reporter: powerful tornado sweeps through oklahoma getting information about the damage this morning. and a billion dollar proposal to speed up ice spending most water on projects
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> reporter: the time is 840 were trekking hot spots virtually every freeway here including 17 and 880 is jammed with red. we espy's dropping below 25 mi. an hour and nearly a 50 minute drive time out of northbound 101. the to get traffic in the time with the kron 4 mobile application. as a
8:41 am
free for mobile before and droid appliqued for folk and reforms. >> reporter: this morning taking a closer look at the occupations with the lowest employment rates. spin their identify some bipartisan easiest jobs to keep. the looking into looking for very secure job you want my one of be looking for chiropractor. a dentist and physicians since of dentists and physicians assistant is and i deplore high demand. also on the list as farmers. the wide range of stuff to do their >> reporter: coming up on kron 4 morning knows we're monitoring
8:42 am
the bay area weather is gonna be out one plus was going on for the rest of the nation. if you're headed to the san mateo bridge to conceal have a lot of company and a lot of sunshine.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> reporter: breaking as we continue to follow this morning about the clang crash in the french alps. this see this picture of the manna from of the golden gate bridge that's
8:45 am
investigators say that copilot and came to san francisco on a vacation that's how this would at this photo here he was at the controls when the plane went down. he killed themselves and the other 149 people. his name is on the slow but says he is a german national. logan's lot the pilot out of the cockpit and then intentionally crashed the plane. lubitz... the captain could be heard banging at the door to get 10 and then he tried to break the door down all the while the was nothing but silence from the co-pilot in the on cockpit. you'd also see here the passenger screening in the background was the realize the seriousness of the situation >> reporter: the state senate improve the package of
8:46 am
structured spending yesterday. this fast track waterless legislation last week more than a hundred million dollars help residents there were affected by the drought. if it passes the assembly it goes to the governor for signature. >> reporter: in new this morning were getting a first look at the damage caused by a powerful tornados and oklahoma. the handsome tornados libido oklahoma and arkansas yesterday. one tornado they know for sure what to all mobile home park. that's near san springs. it was about 45 mi. an hour and damaged homes power lines and trays carry it trades trees. .
8:47 am
>> reporter: today there's a marginal rest of. looking at the satellite and radar pitcher this is the storm then moved to parts of oklahoma and northwestern arkansas brought some tornados to the area. as of right now they confirm seven tornados so far. it the national weather service's they're surveying the situation. it is a part of the north eastern seaboard impossibilities of slightly severe weather across the panhandle. most of this will continue to move off to rob the area and because the limit is no the parts of the western washington. it's definitely a different story there but in our areas looking good. >> reporter: we got a high pressure on west coast this
8:48 am
keeping all kinds of bad weather out of are here. got relatively clear skies out there. it's not just today in a bid for the next couple of days. it is very clear right now over san francisco from the embarcadero bridge. we have a slight breeze out there waiting for you this morning must take a look ago and is the temperature wise as we head into the next hour. we have saddam rosa still hanging on to the '40's. but everywhere else is trying to warm up a santa rosa still hanging on to the 40's. >> reporter: zillion and the south bay in the next 30 minutes within the contingency cold weather and maybe a few clouds out there mostly clear and the temperatures and below 50 by noontime looking at dry conditions and warm 72 to 75
8:49 am
degrees and a warm-up and to the '80s about three to 5:00 this afternoon. we may even set a record for the old records. were expected to get up to 85 degrees. down to below seven these by 8:00 tonight. >> reporter: east bay 81 to 8582 and north bay 79 and oakland. by friday whether to keep with the warm temperatures dropping this the toughest on saturday but will have on scene of unseasonably warm weather sticking around of the bay area. small bomb that time ski report we have conditions that are not the best we did do have some
8:50 am
stores small sum and norstar squaw valley is opened kirkwood has 50 in. but the simon. summit >> reporter: is been a very busy morning and continues to be with the right on 880 now south bound from to 38 down to 237 that ride is backed up against as it is still the traffic maps. and so is this dry time for south bound 880 ride clock then add 39 minutes. from 238 down to 237. will see much improvement here in the last 15 to 20 minutes. that northbound 101 drive coming in
8:51 am
now at 30 minutes. from montague expressway. the northbound is still 25 minutes and that's double what it should be. from downtown from corporate out to cupertino. tracking the righted the bay bridge westbound we're still backed up into the maze is still over and 24 metric time. 1920 minutes headed san mateo out of hayward. they're not much of delays for the south bound ride interstate 580 is still backed up in these left- hand lane and that's why is slowing castro. >> reporter: new this morning fremont police are warning
8:52 am
people about recent says this shot march 17th and 18th at the irvington bankamerica at the beacon street low patient officer said there were two different cases where two different people shoulder surfing getting their information. some other people may have been affected and did not realize what was happening if you use the atm please check your bank records. >> reporter: a child was injured during a fireworks incident. firefighters were sent to sycamore drive in anti-iraq the got a report of an explosion and an apartment. and antioch on not year-old was playing with fireworks and has injured his hand. and i year-old
8:53 am
investigators are trying to find out how he got the fireworks in the first place this is and i year-old boy. 9year old.. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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>> reporter: is 855 and happening today outside lands tickets go on sale the golden gate park is accessible as marking his eighth return is august and as you know they bring in some big headline acts. was just announced on tuesday elton john the black keys to name a few people the three day concert what happened august 7th through the night general admission tickets will be
8:57 am
available at 10:00. >> reporter: coming up on kron 4 news with him winners and losers on wall street. if you again to flipping houses is now bay area company best excepting crowd before the house flipping. plus more developments on the german wings crash shocking affirmation that the co-pilot intentionally crashed the plane. and the vallejo police department is frustrated over kidnapping hoax. while investigators were suspicious from the start. will have a warm day today. female announcer: through sunday at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save hundreds on beautyrest.
8:58 am
or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train.
8:59 am
>> reporter: the big story shocking news out of france as investigators and the crash of a commercial aircraft in the
9:00 am
french alps was no accident. the head of los signs the the parent company of german wings that they are shocked and dismayed that this could happen. a german national mr. lowe gets passed off flight examinations and medical examinations as one of them was 100 percent fit to fly. what as a general practice pilots in the group do not undergo psychological testing. >> reporter: this is a sense of the crash the largest piece left of the plane is said to be the size of a small car. according to french prosecutor the german national lot the pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed the plane we are learning on the flight voice recorder and the captain was heard baby on the door of the cockpit. lightly at first and then he could be hurt trying to
9:01 am
break down. all wall there was nothing but silence from the co- pilot in the cockpit. mean time surge crews are recover the first human remains from flight 9525 we're going to continue and follow the developments in the story. >> reporter: that's just one of the breaking news stories the were following. >> reporter: are temperatures will continue to warm up we could see record high temperatures across some areas. by at outside right now we have blue skies this is sunglasses weather. it is in the clouds moving just a little bit because wavellite breeze and a continuous they like to rob the day. this is a shot from the bay bridge clear skies and temperatures are a milder side. so you might delight jacket but
9:02 am
most people will not because the temperatures will be comfortable 57 and oakland right down san jose is currently 55 degrees. and the north bay we do have a few q: spots. if you gonna be across the east bay plant on more sunshine and warmer temperatures. >> reporter: temperatures will continue to stay through the middle and upper 50s around lunchtime it will return to the '70s. this is one of these days we did was grab a ball cap the temperatures will be very comfortable in the early afternoon with the star to warm up the temperatures will rise to the mid '80s. along the coastline of some upper 70's low 80s. >> reporter: gonna be talking about other areas like the south bay and peninsula would expect
9:03 am
to rob the time the entire day. >> reporter: we continue to attract hot spots this lower around the bait was stopped with the upper east doorframe freeway still has a 34 minute commute. 680 south bound your clock in time of 26 minutes through the san ramon valley. out of dublin to the castro valley is flows from castro valley boulevard down to 238 perry was still tracking delays on 101 northbound 38 minutes. cupertino 22 men as northbound 280. the mazes still backed up and. this is an incident is
9:04 am
bought out and a high rise the westbound direction traffic is becoming stopped again as you head west from the toll plazas and if you're heading to the rich man bridge on interstate 580 westbound to castro in looks like things have been very much improved on your trip out of richmond. >> reporter: in the bay area of vallejo police say that the kidnapping in ran some of the valet a woman was not true. this morning they say the couple may the whole thing up 29 year-old denise huskins was said to have been taken. her boyfriend copley said the ship been kidnapped and the kidnappers wanted 85 $1. here you could see that she is safe they wanted $8,005 for her release. 8500 dollars... her
9:05 am
family was talking to the media guests today but they to now are not saying anything. since the story broke will tran was trying to sort out the details of us to what made investigators' suspicions >> reporter: they were suspicious in the first place from the very beginning to talk about all ransom amount of just 85 $1 that number jumped out to them to. $8500. the boyfriend said this she was adopted monday and he did not notify investigators until several hours later so those two things past stood out. she agreed to fly back to the area and she said sure she would come back on a private jet that was furnished by the fbi but at the last minute she was a no show. the
9:06 am
vallejo police department does not know where she is. it all started monday in vallejo. she moved to move vallejo from huntington beach six months ago so she's only been here for a short amount time and then she disappeared. the boyfriend was never considered the suspect but they had no choice but to consider this case very said serious they even called in the fbi. even after she was discovered space saver and she called her back and our debt of huntington beach. >> reporter: door and then hold several hours they did the math and this this did not add up. >>: missed mr. mr. hoskins and her boyfriend have taken a valuable resources away from the community. denise huskins at her boyfriend's is his mr.
9:07 am
quinn and mr. denise huskins that all of this community an apology. >> reporter: not just an apology but as a good chance that they will owe thousands of dollars if they come back and conclusively say that this will hold all along the gonna go after those two and make them pay back them thousands of man hours were used for this hoax. 40 detectives and additional resources and they're very frustrated about this. right now they did not plan on having a news conference but they're working with prosecutors and will present this case and is a good chance that state and federal charges will be brought against them. >> reporter: the other big new the were following this morning is funeral preparations for fallen police officer michael
9:08 am
johnson who was shot and killed and a line of duty. we have video of his body being taken from the coroner's office to the mortuary escorted by a procession of officers. officer johnson was a 40 year veteran of the force. it was the 12th officer to die in a line of duty in the 166 year history. san jose and sam liccardo mayor sam liccardo said that this was the horrible >>: he may very well have saved of the lives as well is no question across the country that officers are increasingly under assault. missouri is is one of the places and we need to do more. to keep our officers safe while they're keeping us save the the words from their sam liccardo.
9:09 am
>> reporter: he was pointing a gun and his wife and she got away called her daughter and the daughter called police. on is not sure if he was killed in the shootout with police or he killed himself that's still being investigated. but ma >> reporter: out losses today will well below 18,000 mark today 17,007 all four. will have more information about wall street from ron black in a few minutes.
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>> reporter: will continue to attract hot spots were looking at a third 33 minute drive time out of the coyote valley high and add up highway 237. you can get updated on traffic in these time with the mobile application is free download from and droid or apple. >> reporter: air strikes and now being carried out by the u.s. and saudi arabia against the militants and i rack. they're working with me troops perry at
9:13 am
the working together to take out many isis' positions. up until now the u.s. has had no involvement in the riding in a back operation into a creek. tikrit... >> reporter: 10 the saudis have decided the pledge to use 100 warplanes and contribute all water and 50,000 soldiers to the newly formed coalition of mostly arab countries. yemen is a long time stronghold for one of al qaida as most dangerous branches and has been plunged into chaos since the rebels began seizing control of the capital and other areas of the country in recent months. >> reporter: 86 around and now
9:14 am
i'll let you know how long the warmer temperatures will laugh. last.
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> reporter: we continue to attract hot spots this morning lows of the peninsular ride from 101 things are still slow from the 101 the south bound bayshore ride is about 46 minutes right now heading south out of south san francisco right now. especially if you're headed towards san jose. getting to the north bank uses in the
9:17 am
conditions on 101 here in the southbound direction are much improved but there's still some heavy traffic down to the civic center but it doesn't begin until after highway 37. after bay bridge toll plaza is the back up into 580 in the maze. highway 92 is low again after a cat checking with caltrans there's a report that there's a construction schedule for the bridge until 1:00 today but we have not yet been able to determine whether a will be east or west down. and then for your trip to the golden gate bridge is now is a problem free but that's not good the richmond bridge is flowing again. nothing has been reported yet but looks like something is out there to a account for the traffic now that is added standstill on
9:18 am
westbound 580 of check on it and give it the updates on our next report or sooner if necessary. >> reporter: 915 and thursday over a ridge of high pressure nice and dry warm temperatures we won't see anything for the next couple of days. will the sun up blue skies out there was no clouds whatsoever. as gonna continue to stay that way throughout the afternoon as gonna help one up those temperatures as well. right now oakland as gonna get up to 60 degrees upper 50s across the south bay right now. slightly cooler along the coastline. south bay is were we gonna be some record highs during afternoon. we do have some comfortable temperatures to stick around into lunch hour the
9:19 am
border quickly warmed up until low to mid 70's. winds will continue to stay light from the now north and west in the and the outdoor plants you may one about up to the lunch hour as as was gonna be more comfortable. but into the early afternoon that's when temperatures will quickly eat up into the mid 80's so it will be very warm drink plenty of fluids because the temperatures will be 80 degree weather and we could see some record highs. >> reporter: temperatures in the next hour grew warming happens in the mid-60s. in the afternoon the temperatures will be in los '70s about 10 degrees from where we should be this time of year. lesson '80s for the north bay and possibly east bay area the heat will continue to stick around and tomorrow low
9:20 am
eighties for and locations. massive six is along a coastline. giving us mild temperatures for the first half of the week. >> reporter: watching today is one of the losers today on wall street there's been a lot of house slipping in the bay area. >> reporter: you have to be in a credit and accredited investor to get into this type of thing. so lot of banks will look into the b-2's and assay you know what would have done a lick your money at 45% within our companies out there the valenti lead 9%. one of them are mage matching buyers with sellers. it will give is along a couple of months later you sell it
9:21 am
hopefully real-estate goes up for you. there's real see mobile sunrise patch of land that, there's a cost the winnable market the real-estate plaque prices are little bit overheated. realty shares if you really want to get into flipping a show them they get and come the to bought properties before an assembly simple as 123 and they will give you money. >> reporter: 6 flipping in general isn't dangerous game. it was a couple years ago when real estate with an all-time high peebleses i would protect the downside if you is just all little just be cautious. >> reporter: the field where more solid footing now that we
9:22 am
were in housing crash. >> reporter: in the past couple of years the housing prices of bonds up. and this was in support of the housing pushed. were little bit on the heaviside given the location enclose the college jobs the work. >> reporter: wrestle many of coming to the bay area by the people are excited. >> reporter: a whole week-long of events with the climax kelly by stadium p it. i am sure it will be here john scene will be here it will be honored plus million dollars the local economy. this is an amazing is more than 4.2 billion the video views in the last 12 months. as the no. 1 sports channel on you tube. test your social media
9:23 am
channels 7 and it 5.2 million subscribers. anti bullying campaigns convention center so people can get pictures by get autographs by the days. 50 people from 50 states will be flying in from 40 countries it will help our economy. >> reporter: my home town of stamford conn. and i was a kid i used to see all cold and driving around. >> reporter: i bought tickets to the w w e did for a girl and her brother try and get the system as the date. >> reporter: among facebook to be some of the messenger mobile application social networking company shows deeper commitment
9:24 am
to extend suite of mobile applications. >> reporter: there of a couple of sites instagram is continuing to grow. but when the term messenger into a business model. ultimately if you see something like you can buy it. we don't know how much traction this is gonna get we don't know of people like it but they're training people on it. i think that is a smart thing. 35 percent of all the videos or watched the facebook properties so that does have to scare google. i like what was sick coming out facebookout the dow >> reporter: questions for ride checking out on his face book page. questions or rot checking out on his face book a eachrob...rob...
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>> reporter: welcome back to
9:28 am
kron 4 morning news the rich man san rafael bridge and looks like there was something going on in d there is traffic is now at a standstill for the five cars are involved in an x accident in the left-hand lane. is backed up to the toll plaza people expect the back up to grow again. i have the rest of the hot spots when the kron 4 morning news returns we will be right back
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> reporter: more on the store that we been following all morning the shocking development of german wings played crash. this said the co-pilot deliberately wanted to destroy the plane. >> reporter: the investigator says the co-pilot i'm dressed low bits of he was a german national brought the plane down on purpose. but top fed black box caught them audio of the
9:31 am
private trying to get into the cockpit. he tried to break the door down and got no response from the co-pilot and side. >> reporter: we are tracking a new and lake hot spots around the bay area. this is the rich man san rafael bridge there is an accident left from the toll plaza on the span and that's why it's beginning to back up the ride once again. just as things were almost completely cleared we now have a new accident. pass castro street. we could see this back up all the way the harbor if they don't get managed to get some of these lanes open shortly. we're stills that backed up into the macarthur made up about a 20 plus minute drive time. after the right to the golden gate bridge will
9:32 am
have that would never have the traffic we had during the peak is gone now is a smooth and easy ride in both directions. expect to see the truck out to realign the lanes here anytime because they want at a third lane in the northbound direction. a 4 your trip to the san mateo bridge and highway 92 i did tectum with caltrans the road work is scheduled for the ease bound direction and not until 10:00 and. this is still does badly of commute traffic was still looking at a 20 minute drive time. >> reporter: time right now is 932 and thursday we have sunshine now there was light winds. this see the flag is barely moving out there. we've got warm temperatures coming in and we may even be some records this afternoon. right now the temperatures are in the '60s and
9:33 am
oakland and san jose. in concord and livermore and the upper 60s. across the peninsula it expects to day in the next 30 minutes temperatures will stay comfortable in the '50s the high-pressure is in place the lunchtime looks good if you wanna spend some time outside on the patio the temperature is will be in the mid-60s and the coastal areas. it will quickly warm-up into the mid '70s the upper 70's in the afternoon. we have perfect outdoor weather. we talk about your east bay platter coming up planner. >> reporter: happening now officers and the community are remembering a fallen officer michael johnson. it was
9:34 am
responded responding to a suicidal man on tuesday evening. last evening. >> reporter: the morning as up with the police officers association is a said that it will be a private burial officer michael johnson but they will have a public memorial for him perry at police and city officials are forming a mandate on meeting to hash out the and the details. tattles cards and flowers candles cards and flowers >>: i always say hello to police officers when i see them and acknowledge them carry it is not an easy job you dealing with human behavior that good bad in the ugly. >> reporter: where have been
9:35 am
technical difficulties with the signal. still have a public memorial but will be a private funeral. we have video of yesterday's session that you believe your condolences for officer johnson on our kron-4- dot-com. >> reporter: and there was an officer involved shooting in the south bay was of sweigert road. sheriff's deputies were responding to a 911 call but to people of participating in some drug activity one suspect drove as car towards the deputy after hitting than the patrol car the man got away but he was struck up of it was shot by police. deputies are now on high alert after officer johnson got killed.
9:36 am
>>: were not heighten awareness were more vigilant protecting ourselves were more prepared for everything now. >> reporter: to women that were involved in that 911 were stopped and questioned in the investigation is conditioned continuing >> reporter: it is been a weeks as a mother and was hit by a car which was crossing the street with her baby. she was taken off life-support and passed away tuesday night. her family and friends are remembering her and keeping the loot our little boy in their prayers. the nation turgor was the mother that died. the nea show turner denisha turner... every time you see her it was a smile on her face. >> reporter: of this across
9:37 am
their to the reminder of of the loved ones that was lost their and is said sunday but said that is not a safe intersection for the as pedestrians. the chp says the driver was not arrested because she has been cooperating. >> reporter: temperatures are starting to warm up as gonna be a beautiful day here traffic is moving smoothly over the bridge.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> reporter: welcome back to kron 4 morning news hot spot 580 commute the richmond bridge to the chp says the one of these lanes is likely to be blocked for a while longer. that is usually means one a lot more lane block for least 30 minutes. back up that was completely cleared out is now backed up
9:41 am
again. >> reporter: students at city college of san francisco holding a rally and march to the board of trustees meeting. they're calling to reverse all cuts class cancellations and layoffs. students also want the trusties to build a performing arts center and reopen the closed civic center campus. demonstrators will meet today at the ccs at ocean campus at 345 before the march to the meeting. >> reporter: also happening today that a marine mammal center and south toledo is going to hold a news conference to give more information on the six sea lions crisis. this is been one of the worst years on record for california sea lions. the animals showing up are sick and down on the coast. they are being brought to the marine mammal center because it is the
9:42 am
only hospital of its kind in california. federal veterinarians say they have their hands full in the center is close to capacity. a news conference today is scheduled today at 9:00 a.m.. because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all. dioverrookde andiscer aexcing mbinion tass. ch, rk ccola veri sofcents. avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde.♪
9:43 am
♪ iyou nt i♪ ♪ gout d geit
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>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news as we continue to attract hot spots the commuters been here out of time up the right out of richmond interstate 580 westbound. there's an accident just last the toll plaza. nevertheless this is harbor way in the back up is now almost our way after being completely cleared out in the westbound direction here's a live look at the richmond bridge toll plaza. is this see the traffic is now is completely stopped it is starting to move but it will take awhile for this backup to dissipate. i think it's gonna be slow like this for another 20 to 40 minutes. so keep that into
9:46 am
account if you're planning a trip into marin county. heading over to san francisco from the east bay is still backed up. what was brought 80 ride. >> reporter: in a few minutes in the eastbound lanes there will be some construction but that will be picked up by 1:00 it on schedule. and you're right to the golden gate bridge 101 south are they have not taken away that third lane southbound yet but they likely will shortly. so conditions here are still pretty small but it is a little crowded now and the northbound direction. a settlement to the weather center. >> reporter: time right now is 946 on this thursday when we have some clear skies out there right now looking at the bay bridge from our studios looking at clear skies throughout the afternoon because of the ridge of high pressure is giving us
9:47 am
better conditions for the area. the temperatures right now are in the '50s low 60s. . if you are gonna be a cross san jose it ready for some warm temperatures we can actually see some record highs this afternoon. the temperatures will continue as a mile in the mid- 60s. it is hotter in the afternoon. the daytime highs will warm up into the '80s would actually be our old record of 84 this afternoon. after sunset the temperatures fall to the lower '70s. the have and the outdoor plants give yourself some extra timeout their drink plenty of fluids and take printed plenty of breaks in the shade if possible. >> reporter: in the next 30
9:48 am
minutes with a continuous comfortable six temperatures in the '50s. i was slowly warm up into lunch hour. and to the afternoon the temperatures will be warming up into the low to mid '80s. across the peninsula we have cements the upper '70's. the rest of the storm tracker four such forecasts would continue with the warm temperatures. and for the bay and its temperatures will warming to the '70s. in the we have another cold front moving in on saturday giving us milder temperatures on the first half of the weekend. and will continue with the warm temperatures into next week. snowbound got time outlook is to grind today norstar has 35 open clerk what has 55 out of 86 and
9:49 am
they did see some snow earlier this week >> reporter: 948 right now facebook is planning to do with the oculus raft. the event was also yesterday's and facebook founder mark zuckerberg outlined several new features including tracking online purchases and communicate with businesses. joining us on the phone is tech reporter gabe slate. >> reporter: yes it was pretty amazing. outside about that in a minute. when it's a what happened yesterday. virtual reality headset and for people do use that standalone application the message that facebook the gonna be happy because they're adding these new tools to communicate animation
9:50 am
and gives an new am emoticons so for people that are all about messaging intact think of facebook they are gonna be happy and the next few weeks as these things come out. and robert black also sang getting a business feature to massinger pence. pga to contest target any time you call a business you would just message the business and that black people on the other side modern train your messenger feed and they will be able to tax you back. if they can't get businesses to sign off for this this could really make your on your life more convenient. to urtext. whether they can do it a could make our lives a little better. >> reporter: today at 10:00 a.m. would know about virtual reality how the gonna work and then took fifth virtual reality head
9:51 am
maker i did get a demo pried the demo and it was mind blowing. it was really a sensational. the soviet couple of times and i have that moment that we realize to gonna change how we actually do things. i had my i pad for the first few weeks that was steve jobs was talking about. >> reporter: when you put it on not let the people went on the internet do the demo it it and and if if you think you're on a roller-coaster they've all down on the ground you feel like that. >> reporter: yes is just like that. your theorem building a 54 building and mitropoulos and you really feel like a falloff you can actually see everything and
9:52 am
you turn around 360 and everything is there in a completely immersed in it. another thing was as urban warfare, back these global cops fighting a big giant monster alien and i was i going to this city and i thought was exciting and my body started getting queasy. it's so tough for me to the wish people could experience this because it is very hard to explain. but is in comparison to a video camera it will change everything i do believe it is the future of video gaming and how we watch movies and tv shows at home. social media on the shore. and you put on the headset your your time like your waving a hand around your same videos of the pictures from your friend is talking about video chat a bit like hologram. >> reporter: who cares about
9:53 am
that because snipers going by what can you imagine watching that. >> reporter: so they're looking at all were with facebook million heavily facebook and never leave your couch again. >> reporter: gate was always waiting and will find a was going on with the conference tonight will be back in a couple of minutes. if you really go outside and alecia with the weather is like you would know with this tomorrow, here the bay bridge. you will fall of a building anything to the way.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
>> reporter: happening today if you miss the presale tickets for outside lance on the golden gate park music festival is making its eighth return this august. as you know has been headlined by big music x perry at the
9:57 am
lineup was just announced to the the top elisas elton john also mofford and sons the black keys and candor, mar. read a concert takes place on august 7th to the night. general admission tickets will be available at 10:00 a.m.. >> reporter: again we have an update this morning on those dogs that were rescued from the south korean dog meat from some of them are now up for adoption. 57 jobs were being raised in crowded cages. there were being poorly fed and weren't getting the care they needed they were brought to the bay area last week. and here's a look at some of the dogs looking for new home right now there are four general makes copies of up for adoption is sacramento and other dogs rescued from the meat from are undergoing medical and behavioral treatment and east bay and will soon be up for
9:58 am
adoption as well >> reporter: and thanks for joining us this morning and next news broadcasts and 5:00 to nine begin says on our check us out on our mobile application and at our kron-4-dot-com
9:59 am
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